The Clue at Price’s Creek

Price’s Creek is a tributary to the Cape Fear River and a favorite hiding place for pirates.

It’s Possible?
When is a lighthouse not a lighthouse? Did Sam, Becky, and their friends cross the Cape Fear River just to get to the other side?

What started as a summer vacation on North Carolina’s Oak Island has landed Sam, Becky, Troy, and Andrew right in the middle of a ghostly treasure hunt. And now it’s up to them to help Stede Bonnet’s great, great, great, great, great—oh, whatever—granddaughter find Bonnet’s greatest treasure.

But someone else is hunting treasure too. Is it just a coincidence that the man on the ferry—the one who pointed out all the lighthouses—has a bushy, black beard? All clues are pointing to the little Price’s Creek Lighthouse—even though it’s been abandoned for years. But is it still?

Join in as the four friends solve puzzles, follow clues, and discover that treasure hunting can be hard work and a whole lot of fun.

The Clue at Price’s Creek by M.C.Tillson
Available from A&M Writing and Publishing

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