Mercy Louise

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About Mercy

Mercy Louise Putnam was born October 22, 2012 near High Rock Lake in North Carolina. She was adopted right after Christmas of that same year and moved to Santa Clara, California to live with her brother and owner. Nowadays, Mercy spends most of her time in California, but she has not forgotten her roots and loves to visit North Carolina whenever she can. She is especially fond of the beach at Oak Island.

Mercy attends day care at Jim’s Dogs in Santa Clara where she studies running, eating, walking on a leash, jumping, and (on hot days) swimming. She loves ice cream and doesn’t mind sharing with a friend as long as she gets her own cup.

As a Libra, Mercy seeks balance in every aspect of her life. She especially likes to balance breakfast with dinner and morning snacks with afternoon snacks. Her favorite treat is new leather shoes and her favorite pastime is monitoring squirrel activity. Her hobbies include singing, figuring out milk-bone puzzles, napping, burying bones, and peanut butter.

Mercy is a full-blooded, liver-and-white Brittany spaniel (although she prefers the sweeter description of “chocolate and white”). She is fully trained in sitting, shaking, and lying down, although she doesn’t always feel the need to show off these skills. She has been known to roll over (either way) and stay for high quality (bacon) treats.

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