Have You Met Ms. McNair?

pink ponytail
Click here for a great article about how to donate hair to kids.

Many years ago, two very young friends of mine decided they wanted to cut their long, beautiful hair. They also decided (with their Mom’s approval) to donate their hair to a special organization that created wigs and hair pieces for children who had lost their hair because of treatments they were receiving for cancer.

I was very proud of my friends, and sometime later decided to write a story about what they had done.

Quick peek
Click here for a quick peek at “Ms. McNair’s Fantastic Hair”

Ms. McNair has been living in my head ever since that time many years ago. It was a project that I would put down and pick up several different times over the years, but I always knew that one day I would tell the whole story of my Ms. McNair, a beloved teacher with very special hair. And so the story begins:

Ms. McNair has great big hair…

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