Ice Cream, Anyone?

Whether it’s soft-serve, hand-dipped, home-made, or from the freezer at the gas station, ice cream means something special. Is it any wonder then, that Ronald Regan (self-proclaimed jellybean connoisseur) signed legislation in 1984 designating the entire month of July as National Ice Cream month?

If you’ve read any of my lighthouse adventure books, you know another ice-cream lover who will do just about anything to have a chance to indulge his favorite pastime. Remember these?

  • “Dad loved ice cream, and Mr. Jamison had been telling Dad about a special royal peach ice cream that could only be found at the Around-the-World Golf ‘n Games Ice Cream Shoppe.” From The Mystery at Oak Island
  • “I knew I was right!” said Dad as he raised his arms triumphantly. “See! Moose Tracks!”
    “Dad,” said Sam in an embarrassed whisper, “it’s an ICE CREAM store.”
    “Right,” said Dad, “and I’m getting a double scoop of Moose Tracks® ice cream in a waffle cone. What do you guys want?” From The Clue at Copper Harbor
  • Dad looked back down at his schedule.
    “One o’clock: Leave Brunswick Town. One thirty: Stop at ice cream store in Southport.”
    “Three twenty: Arrive at Bald Head marina. Collect luggage, get ice cream (flavor TBD), rent golf carts, and line up for treasure hunt registration.”
    “Six o’clock: Dinner at Harbor Pavilion. Includes BBQ, fried chicken, hot dogs, lemonade, and ice cream.” From The Secret on Bald Head Island
  • “Maybe,” agreed Becky. “I couldn’t really hear what Mom said, but I think Dad heard her because he smiled and rubbed his hands together like he does when we’re going for ice cream.” From the upcoming Northern California Lighthouse Adventure, The Clue at Fort Point

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

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