Where Have I Been?

Does it sometimes seem like time goes really fast (especially when you’re having fun or doing something interesting) and sometimes it goes  R  E  A   L   L   Y     S    L    O    W?

Sometimes, when I just can’t stand how slow time is going by, I count. You know…if you count to 60 (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…) that’s one minute. Do that 60 times and that’s a whole hour. (To tell you the truth, I usually lose interest—or lose track of where I am—at about 32.)

But this spring has been just the opposite. Time has just flown by for me. In my head there are so many things  that I want to do. I think maybe all of those things have pushed aside everything else in my head–especially my sense of time. I was astonished to realize that the last time I updated my M.C.Tillson page was LAST NOVEMBER! (In my head I’ve updated it about 100 times!)

Maybe I just need to do a better job of connecting my head to my fingers! Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful spring!

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