A Favorite Christmas Story

mctpigtailsWhen I was in kindergarten at the First Presbyterian Church in High Point, North Carolina (yep, that’s me with the pigtails), I heard a Christmas story that made a huge impression on me. The name of the story was Why the Chimes Rang by Raymond Macdonald Alden.

Up in the steeple of our church was an impressive set of bells. These bells rang on Sundays, calling people to worship. They rang WhytheChimesRangon special occasions, and—sometimes, but not always—they rang at the end of the midnight service on Christmas Eve. I always loved hearing the bells as they announced the official beginning of Christmas Day, and I think that’s why this story by Mr. Alden has always been a favorite of mine.

Read Why the Chimes Rang (just click the title to the left), and share it with someone special during this holiday season. I hope that you, too will hear the bells and know the awe and mystery of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and best wishes
for an amazing new year!



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