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Can you believe I missed National Lighthouse Day?eagleharborcover

It was August 7, and I just…missed it. There’s really no good excuse. I love lighthouses. I’ve done a lot of research about lighthouses and, over the past eight years or so, lighthouses have become the subject of six books in my Lighthouse Adventure Series. (Eight if you count the puzzle books!) I can’t believe I missed it.

But maybe we could travel back to a couple of days ago…to Friday, August 7, 2015 to be exact. And let’s take a look at what my blog on that day should have been.

Happy National Lighthouse Day!

August 7 is the date that—224 years ago—the U.S. Congress chose as the day to celebrate, appreciate, and generally support lighthouses. In 1789, Congress passed an act that did all of these things. It was signed by George Washington himself.

Now back in 1789 there weren’t very many lighthouses. (The very first lighthouse ever in the United States had been built in Boston in 1716.) This law from Congress was very important because it designated money to be used to build and take care of lighthouses.It also approved a lighthouse to be built at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. This lighthouse, called the Cape Henry Lighthouse, is still standing today, beside a newer, more visible tower.


Almost two hundred years after Congress approved the Lighthouse Support Act, the 1988 Congress declared August 7, 1989 to be National Lighthouse Day. The bill was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

So, if you get a chance, hug a lighthouse today. (I’m sure none of them will mind that you’re a couple of days late.) And next year, on August 7, check back with me. See if I managed to do an appropriate celebration for the structures that—for more than 225 years—have been responsible for watching over our waters and “rendering the navigation thereof easy and safe.”


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