Flying on the 4th!

Guess where I’m going on 4th of July?
The Clue at Copper Harbor by M.C. TillsonI’ll give you one clue.

That’s right! I’m going to Copper Harbor, Michigan, and let me tell you‒THAT place knows how to do 4th of July! They have a parade in the morning, games and races and things to eat in the afternoon, and then, that night, they have a fireworks show that will knock your socks off!

One of the things you have to remember about Copper Harbor (and other places that are that far north) is that, in the summer, it doesn’t get dark until around 11:00 pm. (Have you ever heard of the land of the midnight sun?)

From Copper Harbor Gallery website. See more!

Anyway, 11:00 is when the fireworks show starts! But wait, there’s more! In Copper Harbor, they shoot off the fireworks over the water, so you also get the reflection of the fireworks! It’s like getting two shows at the same time, and it’s absolutely AWW-some!

So keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain and the mosquitoes are sleepy. AND that my plane makes it in on time. (Although it might be pretty cool to watch the fireworks from an airplane…)


July 4th is one of my very favorite holidays. I always think about that first 4th of July and the folks that went to so much trouble to make us into the United States of America. They had a vision that all sorts of people with all sorts of differences, all sorts of backgrounds, and all sorts of opinions could come together to make one country called the United States. It seems like we should do what we can to keep that vision going.
So, on July 4th‒somewhere between the parades and the ice cream and the hot dogs and the fireworks‒we should take a minute (or two) to think how that vision has made all the difference.

Wherever and however you celebrate, have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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