Glad You Like It

I have had a wonderful summer so far. Want to know why?

Well, it’s not because Mercy has been an obedient puppy. (Check out Mercy’s blog and you’ll see what I mean!)
And it’s not because I’ve spent a lot of time at the beach or on vacation.
And it’s certainly not because I’ve completed all the things I was going to do this summer.

So, why has it been a pretty cool summer so far? (And I mean that figuratively, not literally–it’s actually been hotter than normal where I live.)

figuratively (FIG-you-ra-tiv-lee) Describing something using a secondary meaning of the describing word. (Above, I used cool figuratively to mean “pretty fun and interesting” not lower in temperature.)

literally (LIT-er-uh-lee) Describing something using the exact meaning of the word you’re using to describe.

Price's Creek Lighthouse
The Price’s Creek Lighthouse on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina

The answer is that I have met some of my wonderful fans, and they have been nice enough to tell me how very much they’ve enjoyed my books.

I’ve talked with fans who were shopping in Grandpa’s Barn in Copper Harbor, I met fans who live in California but who are spending time on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and I’ve met fans who are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. All of them have been so fun, and all of them have made me want to work even harder to get the next book finished. (I’m hoping that The Clue at Price’s Creek can be out by the end of the summer!)

Hope you’re having a great summer too!

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