Back in the UP

It doesn’t get much better than being on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the summer. People come from near and far just to breathe the air and experience that special feeling that comes when you cross the border.

Lilacs in bloom on Copper Harbor (Thanks, Lloyd)

So, late Fourth of July night I took a plane from San Francisco and left behind the unusually hot weather and all the things that still need to be done. I was disappointed that I didn’t see any fireworks from the air (I guess everyone was finished), but I did see the waning moon and a beautiful red sunrise before we landed in Chicago. After Chicago, I headed due north to the Houghton-Hancock airport and the Keweenaw Peninsula. I’m pretty sure the clouds are fluffier; I know the trees and grass are greener, and, of course because we’re farther north, the days really are longer.

Sam and Becky in Marquette!
Sam and Becky in Marquette!

After my friend, Lloyd, picked me up from the airport, we ate lunch in Eagle Harbor. We drove along the Lake Drive with Lake Superior sparkling cool and inviting beside us. It seems that summer has arrived–even in the UP. I don’t know when I’ve seen so much green and so many wildflowers.

And today, I’m hosting a table with Lloyd at the UPPA Book Fair in the Westwood Mall in Marquette, Michigan. We have our books for sale and I’ve already met some lovely people and sold a few books.

Tonight I get to go to Copper Harbor…I can’t wait. Wish you were here!

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