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  • Crossing the Cape Fear River

    mercyonferryOn a ferry boat! With lots of seagulls following us! (I tried to ignore them, but they kept squawking at me!) I was helping with research for The Clue at Price’s Creek, the next North Carolina Lighthouse Adventure by M.C. Tillson. tired Mercy

    I was pretty tired by the time we got back. Zzzzzz!


  • My Brother Is Home!

    My brother is home!  My brother is home! My BROTHER is HOME!  I jumped on his bed and he yelled at me! And then I jumped on his bed again. I love this game! My brother is home! His shoes smell funny so I took them outside.

    My brother is home! My brother is home! He’s home! My brother is home! My brother is home! My brother is home! Why can’t I come in?

  • Got Lemons? Make Lemonade!

    mercy_lemonsOr, just go bobbing for whatever you want to put in the tub. It’s fun and it keeps me cool–even on REALLY hot days.pawprint

  • Ooooh…Soft!

    This is a picture of my friend Jennifer’s cabin at Donner Summit (in the mountains). It’s covered with cotton so you can take a nap anywhere. I want to visit.


  • I LOVE North Carolina!

    RafeANDMercyI’m in North Carolina again! I love North Carolina because I can run and run and run and run. I also have many dogs to play with. My cousin Rafe is a nice dog and he shows me the best places to bury bones. He also showed me where the rabbits live. I like Rafe—even though he growls at me sometimes when I get too close to his bone. This is a picture of Rafe with me when I was just a puppy. pawprint

  • What Was That?

    I'm going to need to think about that one!I live in California. The other day we had an earthquake. I was asleep before the earthquake, after the earthquake, and during the earthquake. I was asleep until my owner came to see if I was okay. Then I was awake…but she told me to go back to sleep. So I did. So, when my friends ask me if the earthquake woke me up, do I say yes? (I need to think about that one!)

  • Back to School!

    Is it time yet? Everyone is going back to school. I like school because I get to play with my friends and have snacks. Sometimes we play chase. Sometimes we play chase the squirrels. Sometimes we play chase the squirrels up a tree. I’m also learning how to take longer naps.


  • Summer Is Hot

    Happy Summer! It is hot. I have a nice pool, but I think I ate it…at least pieces of it. And now the water leaks out. IshoppingforMICE have a new bone, but I can’t tell you where it is. I ate a lemon by mistake. It was sour. My brother is coming home to keep me over the 4th of July. I bark at fireworks. I’m saving money to buy a pet.


  • Road Trip: All Ready to Go!

    My brother is going to go live in Montana for a year…whatever that is. I think I get to live in his room and sleep in his bed. Everything is packed and ready…including me. Do you think they packed my Milk Bones?

  • I Think It’s Snowing on My Blog!


  • What Am I Thankful for?

    It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I wanted to tell you the things that I’m thankful for. My friend Nikki…and squirrels. My MicahSeaRanch13friends at doggy day care…and squirrels. My big brother…and birds and squirrels. How about you?



  • My Brother Is Graduating!

    MercyGrad(Actually he’s not my brother, but that’s not important.) He’s graduating from college and we’re very excited and proud. But the big question is “Will this mean more treats for me?” I hope so!

  • Falling Leaves

    It is not su any longer, but it is still hot. I don’t understand. If you see any falling leaves, you should bite them. Even as a puppy I knew that. But if the leaves are inside, you should not bite them because they might be pot holders. You can get in trouble if you bite potholders.

  • Summer Camp Is Fun!

    I just got home from summer camp. We climbed trees and chased squirrels. Now I’m back. I get to go to doggy day care where we climb trees and chase squirrels.


  • One a Day

    newadventmercyMy owner said I could open one door a day. There was a Milkbone mini-bone inside door 1 and I ate it. There was a Milkbone mini-bone inside door 2 and I couldn’t get it so my owner gave it to me. And I ate it. There was a Milkbone mini-bone inside door 3 and I ate it. I wonder what is inside door 4.

    I hope I can eat it.

  • It Might Be Squirrels

    It’s raining. That’s when water comes from the sky instead of your water dish. Rain feels nice, but it makes funny noises in the trees. Those noises remind me of squirrels so I have to keep checking them out. Lots of rain makes nice mud. I like rain…except when it gets cold.

  • Meeting New People Can Be Fun, but Scary

    We had friends over for dinner last night. I didn’t know they were friends until later, so I barked at them when they came to the door. I have been practicing NOT barking at people, but sometimes I forget. I like having people come over for dinner because sometimes they give me treatsespecially if I don’t bark!


  • Wait…It’s Not Really Snow licked it and it didn’t melt. My owner said it was an “effect.” I want real snow.

  • My Family

    MicahAndMercyMy “big brother” is looking after me while my Owner is gone. He’s fun, but sometimes he squeezes too tight.2mercywaiting
    When is she coming back?


  • Have You Seen My Bone?

    1ismellchinesefoodI think I may have buried it somewhere, but I don’t know where. Sometimes I bury it in the couch. Maybe it’s at the beach. It’s a good bone. I like it because it was getting soft, but was still hard enough to chew. I hope I find it.pawprint

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